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Dr. Wallis has spent over 20 years in higher education as an administrator, student, and adjunct faculty member. She earned a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and has Masters degrees in both education and conflict resolution.


She has taught courses and presented at conferences on both areas. When presenting or teaching Sarah seeks to create a learning environment that supports reflection and challenges learner points of views. In addition to her higher education experience Sarah has served as Director of Education Programs at the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, a state agency dedicated to developing conflict resolution capacity in government, education, and local communities. As the Director of Education Programs Sarah worked to build conflict resolution programs with schools, universities, and youth-serving organizations throughout the state of Ohio. Sarah has facilitated community discussions about race and equity, worked with anti-bullying collaborations, and is a volunteer mediator and facilitator with the local community mediation program.She has been Co-Chair of the ACE Learner Success Lab on the Union campus. Her current position is the Director of Programs at Adopt a Class. 

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